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The Other Road

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Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

Chapter 17: The Other Road






A. the alternatives

B. effects of pestacides

C. path of good note

D. Sources


[[The Alternatives]]

It is about the other things we can do instead of DDT.


It states that there other alternatives that are already in use and some are in production.



- the other road refers to the non-chemical control of unwanted insects and plants, referring to Rober Frosts' road.

- the human price is concentrating around the effects the pesticides


- the Unites States and Great Britain scientists search for the proper sterilization of insects.

 - Florida tested for insects and pesticides on nearby islands.



- if we take the alternatives to DDT then we will have the ability to save the world.

There was a point in time when they called it the "Control of Nature" when Carson describes humans as being the future of the enviroment

the "bad guys" are the government and the chemical industry

-most people think that carson was the first to call attention to the dangerous pesticide use




 http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n10/wagon-ma                                                       http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u306/onlygators/nature4.jpg                  





[[Effects of Pestacides]]

Pesticides kill the animals that eat it, it then moves down the food chain.  An example would be when a robin eats a worm that has had contact with the chemical; the robin then becomes sick and dies.

-The chapter "Other Road" is written in the optimistic view.

-There are other options beside Pesticides.

-The author gives her opinion in this chapter

authors purpose is to show that there are other ways


 -there was also hope

-using insects against themselves or a prey insects

-using nature against itself, chemically after so it can't reproduce, use instinct to kill

-secretion of insects forlures


-moquito wing beat to attract males/loving male insects to trap and to kill

-the future will be dark if it does not change







[[ Path of Good Note]]

it is directly adressing to the human society to go out and to try and make a difference


it provides many details to why and what has happened becasue what they have used to try and make work easier

In our use of ever-increasing levels of dangerous chemicals in our environment, we have been traveling a road that seems easy but will end in disaster. The other road of this chapter's title is the path of non-chemical control of unwanted insects and plants.

silent spring institute - a non profit scientific research org. to find links btwn environment and women's health, esp. breast cancer

"BookRags Study Guide on Silent Spring." 21 May 2007. <http://www.bookrags.com/studyguide-silentspring/>


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