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Poetry--TP-CASTT analysis

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Title: The first “T” in TP-CASTT stands for title. Analyze the title before reading, stating any connotations or what the title may mean.

 Rare Tom and Jerry title card from the 1940s, no longer seen on re-issue prints.


Paraphrase: Put the poem into your own words, but do not analyze the poem for figurative meaning. Look for complete sentences in each line. Do not go line by line or into deep detail. Do not figure out the theme, that will come later. Be patient.



Connotation: Examine the poem for meaning beyond the literal. Look for literary terms. Read in between the lines. Please look for examples such as metaphor, simile, diction, symbolism, allusions and irony.

 Read between Line.jpg

Attitude: The tone of the poem. Examine the author’s and the poet’s attitude. What might the writer or speaker be thinking???? Do not get the author and speaker confused!!


 Vulgar Display of Power coverbaby-crying.jpgThis is a sour face.

Shift: Note any shifts in speakers and attitudes. Look for and note any shifts in speaker’s attitude. Look for key words, punctuation and stanza division.


Title: Examine the title again, this time on an interpretative level based on what's in the poem.



 Theme: List what the poem is about then determine the poet was saying about the subjects, and makes sure to use complete sentences.





The Rose that grew from concrete



Title: The Rose that Grew from concrete, an individual from a bad neighborhood, or rough start.



Paraphrase: The Rose that overcame the odds

                              It proved everyone wrong

                              It does not give up

                              It did the best with what it had

                              Incentive to grow

                              nobody cared but it did not stop this person.



Connotation:  Personification- roses being able to walk

                      Symbolism- concrete is symbolic of struggle or rough environment

                      Rhyme Scheme- A, B, A, B



Attitude: Angry that nobody cared, proud that that he rose against the odds.



Shift: A shift occurs in this poem where he begans to speak of his success as opposed to his rough beginning.



Title: The new title may be the success bred from a rough start.



Theme: The theme of this poem may be that it does not matter where you have come from or what you had started with, but what you did with what you had and where you ended up.




edited by Evan, Morgan, Veronica, and Kathleen


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