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Life of Pi on the Boat

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 Life of Pi on the Boat




Table of Contents:

1. Author

2. Plot summary

3. Characters

4. Use of literary terms

5. Memorable quote



The Author of Life of Pi is Yann Martel. Yann Martel was born in Spain in 1963 of Canadian parents. He grew up in Alaska, British Columbia, Costa Rica, France, Ontario and Mexico, and has continued travelling as an adult. As an adult he has spent time in Iran, Turkey and India. After studying philosophy at Trent University and while doing various odd jobs, such as, tree planting, dishwashing, and working as a security guard, he began to write. He has been living off of his writing since the age of 27. He divides his time between yoga, writing and volunteering in a palliative care unit. Yann Martel now lives in Montreal.





Plot Summary:


The aftermath of the shipwreck is Pi on the boat with four animals. During his journey, he is put through many trials and tribulations such as hunger and questioning all this of his religions. Because he may be on the vurge of death, he thinks over his life, making all the animals symbolize humans. While on the boat Pi is forced to do things that he would normally never do. He has to kill fish and birds for sustenance, and he is a vegetarian so this is hard for him. Pi uses all three of his religions to make himself feel better and to keep himself strong. He wants to give up many times but then something happens that makes him keep going.



Pi: Pi is the main character/protagonist of the story. He is a teenage Indian boy. His father is a zookeeper. He practices three religions, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. His faith and knowledge of animal psychology help him survive at sea in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger.


Richard Parker: He is the Bengal tiger that becomes Pi’s enemy/companion as well as his reason for living. The tiger ended up with a human name as the because there was a mix up of the names of the tiger, Thirsty, and the

captor, Richard Parker.


Bengal Tiger (P. tigris tigris)



Zebra: The zebra was the first animal that Pi saw on the boat. The zebra had a broken leg and eventually is killed by the hyena. It does not seem to play any really significant role on Pi’s voyage, other than making him feel bad. His name was Grant.






Hyena: The hyena is one of the animals on the boat that Pi is afraid of. He describes in detail how mean hyenas can be, and then the hyena ends up killing the zebra. Richard Parker kills the hyena at one point. He never gave the hyena a name.






Orangutan: Orange Juice the orangutan is the animal on the boat that Pi is the most concerned about. He does not want her to be killed by the hyena. Eventually she is decapitated and eaten by the hyena.






Literary Terms:


Tone- the tone of the author while Pi was on the boat was mostly sullen and desperate. THere were times of pure ectasty as well, for example when he found the supplies on the boat. The over all feeling however, was downcast and frantic. 

Characterization-  Pi Patel suffered greatly on the boat. His mind and body went though horrific ordeals. He became dilusional and desperate for sustenence, his mind became obsessed with his water reserves and with taking care of Richard Parker. He got much better at catching fish and other animals he could eat, and in turn became more barbaric in the way he killed, and ate because he had to in order to survive. He continues with the practice of his different religions, if somewhat modified to his surroundings.

Imagery: when compares swells of the oceans to mountains. also when he describes the second storm with all of the lightening.




Memorable Quotes:

“Time is an illusion that only makes us pant. I survived because I forgot even the very notion of time.”


By: Alfred, Cynthia, Amanda, and Cristal



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