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Group E3--Mansfield

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Katherine Mansfield


10 Biographical Facts on Katherine Mansfield

1. Katherine Mansfield was born October 14, 1888 in New Zealand  

2. Her birth name was Katherine Beauchamp.

3. Moved throughout the suburbs of New Zealend as a child.

 4.  She attended Wellington Girl's College.

 5.  In 1903, she attended Queen's college in London.

 6.  Became an accomplished Cellist.

 7.  Returned to New Zealand, but decided it was too dull

8.  While pregnant with another man's baby, she married George Bowden, but quickly divorced him.

9.  Mansfiled miscarried the child, and would have no other children

10. She died of Tuberculosis

Five Facts on the Doll's House

1.  Events in the Doll House take place in New Zealand in the Late 1800's

2. Demonstrates the seperation of social classes in New Zealand.

3. centers around the Doll House that these two children are showing only to priveledged friends, and only those who were "wealthy" enough.

4. Like many of her other stories, it focuses on life and social issues.

5. Because she lost her brother in WWI she puts emphasis on sibling relationships in her stories.



Group members


  • Brian
  • Lauren
  • Dominic




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