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Group 3--Mansfield

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Facts on Katherine Mansfield and The Doll's House
1.    Katherine Mansfield lived from 1888-1932.
2.    She was born in Wellington.
3.    She was known as Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp, into a family of vigorous social ambitions.
4.    Her father, Harold Beauchamp, was a banker.
5.    Her mother, Annie Burnell Dyer, was of genteel origins.
6.    She lived for six years in the rural village of Karori.
7.    She was New Zealand’s most famous writer.
8.    She studied at the Queen’s College.
9.    While in college she worked for the College Magazine.
10.    She wanted to become a professional cello player, although her father wouldn’t let her.
11.    In 1908, she studied typing and bookkeeping at Wellington Technical College.
12.    Her first publication, In a German Pension, was not noticed by the public.
13.    She died from Tuberculosis at the age of 35.
14.    After her death, her husband put together a few works using/revising some of her notes and poems.
15.    British author, b. New Zealand, regarded as one of the masters of the short story. 16.    The stories in Bliss (1920) and The Garden Party (1922) established her as a major writer.
(Columbia Encyclopedia)
17.    She was born on October 14, 1888 in Thornton, Wellington.
18.    The stories Millie and The Woman at the Store were inspired from a camping trip to Central North Island after her father’s death.
19.    She married John Middleton Murry in 1918.
20.     Katherine Mansfield is widely considered one of the best short story

writers of her period.

21.     On her return to London in 1908, she quickly fell into the

bohemian/bisexual way of life lived by many artists and writers of that era.

(Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society)
 Why should we read The Doll's House?
    The reason why we should read The Doll's House is because, it gives insight to that time period, and helps us understand how people used to live. For example, "How much more exciting than peering through the slit of a door into a mean little hall with a hat-stand and two umbrellas!"  No one during our time period really uses umbrella and hat stands anymore.  It also helps the reader understand a childs opinion and a adults opinion, and connects their thoughts.  Mansfield shows that children and adults think somewhat alike.
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