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Group 1-Mansfield

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"The Doll's House" by Katherine Mansfield




Group members


  • Kamiah
  • Veronica
  • Lisa
  • Sean





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Facts about Katherine Mansfield:

  • Born on October 14, 1888 in Wellington, New Zealand
  • Original name was Kathleen Beauchamp, Katherine Mansfield was her pen name 
  • She didn't turn to literature until 1908
  • New Zealand's most famous writer 
  • Most of her work  was based on incidents and scenes from her own life 
  •  Died in 1923 from tuberculosis
  •  When she died, her husband, John Murry took a number of books from her notebooks, edited her poems, her journals, letters,and a collection of unfinished pieces from her notebook. 



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