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9 levels of Hell

Level 2- sins of the flesh/ unfaithfulness

Level 5- trapped in fiery tombs

-Dante makes allusions to help readers understand what he’s talking about.

-Historical figures vs. literary figures.


And see the great Achilles,



who battled, at the last, with love.
'See Paris, Tristan,' and he showed me more
than a thousand shades, naming as he pointed,



whom love had parted from our life.


This quote told about the lust these literary figures went through during their lifetime in each of their stories.




Circle 1: limbo “virtuous pagans” (Aristotle, Socrates)

Circle 2: “the lustful” (Minos) Paolo and Francesca  had an affair, Giovanni killed them. Tristan, Achilles, Helen, Paris, Cleopatra

Circle 3: “The Gluttonous”—the people produced nothing but garbage, consumed too much food and drink, tortured by freezing rain, dirty snow, huge hailstones, ripped apart by Cerberus (three-headed dog), Dante and Virgil speak to Ciacco. Sinners are cold and naked.

Circle 6: City of Dis “The Heretics”—pile of huge rocks that was once a cliff, Rebellious Angels guard gates, Heretic lie in flaming tombs, they will be sealed forever on Judgement Day, don’t believe in God’s existence to they are put in a fiery cemetery, (Uberti & Calvacani)









(when it says kayla edited-Christina really did)


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